Use the Web for Recruiting Talent.

Online Web Recruitment

Are you using the web to recruit talent online? If you haven't started recruiting on the web already, you're miles behind the talent recruiting curve.

You've heard that web recruiting will yield hundreds of untargeted resumes from around the world? Most job sites allow you to reject resumes with unwanted keywords and locations.

Use the power of the web to recruit online. Here are two of the best ways you can use the web for recruiting talent.

Use Your Website for Recruiting

Many organization websites do little to help recruit candidates online. If the website lists openings at all, they are buried several clicks deep and merely describe the position. Does your website help you recruit?

Does your "Join Our Team" section of your company website tell and even, sell, potential employees about the vision, mission, values, and culture of the company? Do you present a message about how people are valued? Do you express your commitment to quality and to your customers? Your recruiting website should demonstrate the uniqueness of your company and culture so the best talent in the marketplace will be attracted to join you.

Instead of the typical, dryly-written job listings about available positions, your website needs to sparkle with your personality: include this vision, this information that sets your company apart from others in your industry. Your job listings must sparkle with personality so a potential candidate thinks, "This organization is for me."

Recruiting online is a viable alternative in today’s competitive job market. Why not use such an excellent resource to help you develop the best candidate pool for your job openings? Use your website to recruit and the online world of social to network and to find great employees.

People you find via web recruiting are technically savvy, up-to-date and willing to try new options. They’re numerous, they’re local and they’re skilled–just waiting for you to find them online.

By balance careers.


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